Dinner Date Essentials for a gentleman…

You only get one chance to make a great first impression…

It’s playtime. You got past the initial, awkward chatting phase. She is already impressed and said yes. You’ve picked a swanky, new club for your tete-a-tete and you are ready to sweep the lovely lady off her feet. And now that you stand in front of your wardrobe, you just can’t make up your mind on what to wear. You want to make an impression and you want to feel great. What you choose to wear can serve as a great foundation for a lasting impression. So with that said, here are our suggestions for how you “Gentlemen Knights” can dress for a dinner date.



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Definitely ditch the t-shirts, especially the heavy metal ones, this is not an Ozzy Osbourne concert. While polos and t-shirts are fine for a daytime casual lunch, or a casual evening, however, dressing up for a special dinner date requires more attention to detail. Solid and striped shirts are for work. Show off some of your personality with a solid dress shirt, a plaid shirt, or a more funky option such as paisley if you’re really ready to dress bold or even a V-neck or turtle neck cashmere combined with your suave jacket.



Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

Nothing speaks like dark denim. Dark Denim that is well fitted will complement your body and will make that dress shirt stand out. Just ensure that the dress shirt has been tucked in. An un-tucked shirt screams sloppy.

Chinos are a great way to dress with style without sticking to denims or the boring office trousers. Navy or Blue Chinos should generally do the trick. Or if you want, go bold with Burgundy or Mustard chinos.


In our previous blog posts we have harped enough on the importance of the cut, pattern and fitting of a bespoke blazer. Now since this date is kind of a big deal, dress to impress. My recommendation, go with a checkered blazer and complement it with a flamboyant pocket square. Oh and remember, be prepared to hand over the blazer to that special lady when she get chilly, and let her take in your masculine cologne in abundance.


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Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

Remember “Good shoes take you to good places”. Shoes are arguably the most important investment a man can make in his closet. They make or break your outfit. With shoes, it’s all about the quality.

My recommendation;

A sleek pair of Oxfords / Brogues / Monks for that gentleman look.



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Seriously, ditch the deodorants. Find that signature perfume that is you, so you in fact that your special lady associates you with this fragrance. While a Davidoff is not exactly dirt cheap, however, a perfume applied strategically can last you for a long time.

A list of stores that I prefer for my dress shirts, cashmeres, turtlenecks, chinos and shoes:

  1. Zaraman
  2. Topman
  3. Reiss
  4. Austin Reed
  5. Barker Jackson
  6. Undandy

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