Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 2.0

I am sure you got your basics right by reading my previous post Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 1.0.

Now, it is time to get into those minute nitty-gritties that separate the boys from the men, because why would you need swag when you got the SUIT.

Just like Colin Firth said in The Kingsman, ”The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor and we are the new knights.”

Continuing from where we left off, and we did leave off at a very interesting point. To jog your memory a little, we were last unraveling the mystery of the belt.

  1. If you are like most men, or rather like how I used to be, you have probably worn ill-fitting trousers all your life. Fortunately for us men now, there is enough information out there when it comes to the way our trousers need to fit. Trousers should neither be too tight nor too baggy or loose. They need to naturally drape around the shape of your legs and stop right where your ankle ends. Trouser break is the point the edge of your trouser meets your shoe. It needs to rest at the top of your shoe.

Something like this…

trouser length

  1. Now, you can either wear a belt or wear suspenders, but never ever both. The whole point of a suspender is to hoist your trousers up, so wearing a belt pretty much becomes redundant.

Image Credits: memysuitandtie

memysuitandtie suspenders

  1. Designer Hardy Amies once remarked, “It is impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes.” Shoes are arguably the most important investment a man can make in his closet. They make or break your outfit. With shoes, it’s all about the quality. It’s better to have two or three pairs of good shoes that will last a long time than to have fifteen pairs of generic-looking bargain brands. My recommendation; a sleek pair of Oxfords / Brogues / Monks for that gentleman look.

Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare


  1. Socks; ah well all I can say about socks is that life is too short wear boring socks. And by boring I mean safe colors like white, grey, black, brown and navy blue.

Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare


When it comes to accessorizing, there is no such thing as over accessorizing, but there is such a thing as right accessorizing. For example;

  1. Should you choose to wear a pocket square, it should never be the same pattern or the same material as your tie.

Image Credits: Menssuitstips.com

pocket square

  1. If you choose to wear a lapel brooch or pin, and it comes highly recommended from me. Your pocket square and lapel brooch or pin needs to be on the same side. Something like this…

Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

lapelpin and pocket square

  1. Tie bar: Yes, we get it. There is too much confusion around the Tie Bar. And if anything, the below image should put all your queries to rest.

tie bar

As you can see, a tie bar should be worn between the 3rd and the 4th button. It definitely shouldn’t be wider than the tie itself.

  1. A gentleman always chooses to wear a waistcoat where he can, because nothing speaks class more than that dapper piece of clothing. Remember, a waistcoat always has its last button unbuttoned. Of course, there are still few men who can carry a completely buttoned waistcoat with panache.

Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare


And there you have it, the puzzle of THE PERFECT SUIT unraveled for your reckoning.

Of course just like everyone else, I have my favorite trends in suits as well, checkered suits are in and look absolutely fabulous, thin lapels are in fashion now and would probably always be because of their understated style. Oh and single breasted suits, totally evergreen.

Do let me know in comments, if I might have missed out on something.