Accessorizing: 4 rules to live by

I am sure you have all heard of the term “Decorated War Hero” – the emphasis being on the term ‘decorated’. Throughout history, brave men have been rewarded with medals of honour, lapel pins and bracelets for their deeds of courage.

Lately, men’s accessories are in resurgence, with bracelets, pocket squares and tie bars becoming required for the fashionably inclined.

However, there is more required to accessorizing than meets the eye. Below are four rules to live by when accessorizing.

Leave an impression


Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare
The most important accessories for men are the ones that are going to have maximum impact, and, for that reason, you need to have an eye for detail. A tie bar, a personalized ring, a beautiful watch, or colorful bracelets are a clever way to add to your outfit. I tend to often wear Lokai bracelets, because there is nothing like a bit of personality in your accessories. Lokai bracelets are all about water conservation, and who doesn’t love a man with the heart of gold. However, whether it is Bohemian you are going for or Gothic, bracelets are the easiest way to sport your personality, while staying dapper.

Don’t over do it


Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

Contemporary and cosmopolitan men definitely have a tendency to wear more accessories. There is nothing wrong with this, but you must be careful not to mix too many different styles. It is important to stick to a particular style that showcases your personality and not overdo it. For example: mixing a golden tie bar with a silver pocket square. Now that is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t hide who you are behind run of the mill fashion


Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

The accessories that people wear speak volumes about them. What a man wears can tell you if he is sporty or classic; if he loves the bohemian and vintage style or if he is more fashion conscious and follows the latest trends. You can tell all of this just by looking at his bracelets, rings or watch. So, make sure you send out the right message.

Stick to your style


Image Credits: @rammorrison

Model: Dr. PocketSquare

For people who are not used to wearing accessories, the biggest mistake you can make is to mix too many different styles. Rings, bracelets and necklaces have their own style and you shouldn’t mix them without thinking it through – it is like wearing a dinner jacket with sweatpants. For example if you chose to wear a statement silver ring, you cannot go with a bronze or golden bracelet or lapel pin.

Four must have accessories in your wardrobe:

1. Pocketsquares

2. Sunglasses

3. Watch

4. Statement bracelets /Rings