10 things every man should have…

If you are starting out, exploring the men’s fashion world, I am positive it looks as daunting to you, as it did to me a decade ago.

But fear not, here is a list of 10 basics in your wardrobe to get you started on the style track with enough style and confidence.

  1. Always churn your socks and underwear, which means throw out the ones which are older than six months.
  1. Own your cologne – find your signature smell because “fragrance is the most intense form of memory.”
  1. Have a pair of well-polished shoes (preferably Loafers, Brogues or Monks), because “you can always judge a man by his handshake and his shoes”.


  1. A firm handshake, your negotiation begins the moment you assert your individuality through a handshake.
  1. A pair of tweezers, because it is not fun staring up hairy nostrils.
  1. A well fitted dark suit, because what lingerie is to a man, a well-fitted suit is to a woman.


  1. A pair of slim fit denim jeans that is neither too skinny, nor too lengthy.
  1. A well-ironed black/white fitted shirt – Your forever failsafe option.
  1. Nice pair of sunglasses – A must have for those sunny or not so sunny days.
  1. Always wear a smile, if you are blessed enough to have good teeth; if not save up and get them.

Neel smiling


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