Life is too short to wear boring socks…

Because no more do we wear black socks from kindergarten until death.

There are six etiquettes when it comes to those cozy little feet warmers.

1: Go all out with your colors or patterns
Learn what colors work well together. For example: Beige trousers with orange socks will go well, but not plain, boring grey socks. Once you know your style, you can express through socks. Get socks that are colorful, have patterns or are different in other ways and don’t worry about having to pair them with your tie or shoes. The dressier the situation is, the darker the socks are.


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2: Your socks should match the occasion.
Wear athletic socks with sport shoes. Socks, like the rest of the pieces you are wearing, must go with the whole outfit and the occasion. DON’T wear white socks, unless you are the gym or you are Michael Jackson resurrected. Wear dress socks with dress shoes. If you’re going to wear dress shoes, you can’t wear athletic socks — no matter what their color. Athletic socks are usually made of heavier cotton or other materials, so they tend to bunch out over dress shoes. No socks with sandals, unless you think you belong to the early 1900s.


Image Credits: @rammorrison

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3: Do not take your socks for granted
Don’t undermine even the smallest item in your look. Upgrading your socks is an affordable upgrade, where a step up in quality will make a significant difference to how you look and feel. Remember socks do not always have to be boring.

4: Socks should always look clean and fresh
If your socks have starting to look worn out, they are. The days of dyeing and darning socks are long gone, throw them out and replace them. Buy new socks at least once every six months to a year.
No holes, never ever!

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5: A true gentleman never shows his calves
Don’t roll or fold your socks. Aside from looking like you’re stuck in the worst part of the ’80s, rolling your socks down around your ankles looks downright sloppy. Folding your socks looks slightly neater than rolling them, but it’s still strange because it makes your ankles appear bulky. The only time you can show skin is when you decide not to wear any socks at all; for example, when wearing loafers. Your trousers will rise up approximately 5″ when you sit down, so make sure your socks can cope.

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Rule 6: Socks are mated for life
Socks should live together and die together. People notice you wearing two different socks. Don’t risk it. You are an modern gentleman knight, you don’t do slipshod.

Remember the classic rule of thumb is meant be broken – wear vivid socks and make a style statement.

Incase you are wondering where should you buy those flamboyant, colorful pair of socks. I have a few recommendations here:



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